Call for papers and symposia


The 19th AISC Conference will focus on the relationship between values and cognition, by considering a spectrum of issues that cuts across the various souls of cognitive science. We welcome presentations on the state of the art and on ongoing research, as well as presentations on perspectives that encourage interdisciplinary dialogue among the various subdisciplines of cognitive science.

We accept submission in all topics related to cognitive science including (but not limited to):    
4E cognition – artificial intelligence and cognition – cognitive architecture – cognitive modeling – cognitive neuroscience – cognitive psychology – cognitive robotics – computational linguistics – deep neural models – embodied and grounded cognition – epistemology – ethics of artificial intelligence and robotics – history of cognitive science – natural and artificial consciousness – neuroethics – neurolinguistics – philosophy of cognitive science – philosophy of language – philosophy of mind – philosophy of neuroscience – philosophy of health and medicine – psycholinguistics – social cognition.    

Paper submissions:

Paper submission requires a short abstract of no more than 50 words (to be directly added in the submission page) and a long one of no more than 500 words (to be uploaded as a pdf file prepared for blind review). Paper presentations are allocated 20-minute sessions.

Symposia sumbission:

Symposia submission requires a short description of no more than 50 words (to be directly added in the submission page) and a detailed one (to be uploaded as a pdf file) that should include:    
• a long description of the proposed symposium of no more than 1000 words;    
• a list of the participants;   
• the number of hours required.   
Abstracts and symposia description should be written in English.

We cordially invite researchers to submit papers or proposals for symposia through CMT   

(Please note that you must have a valid CMT account to enter the conference. Click here to see how to create one). 
Important Dates    
•        Extended submission deadline: 15 September 2023    
•        Notification of acceptance: 8 October 2023    
•        Registration deadline: 26 November 2023    
•        Conference date: 14 – 16 December 2023    

Last update 2 September 2023